One Piece OP-05 Awakening of The New Era Japanese Booster Box

Type: One Piece
One Piece OP-05 Awakening of The New Era Booster Box Japanese

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Product Details
Card designs celebrating the game’s 1st anniversary!
  • Leader alt-art with original comic illustrations are back by popular demand from the first two boosters to celebrate the 1st anniversary!
  • Special cards also feature fresh designs! New embossing makes cards more collectible than ever! Plus, the long-awaited cards drawn by Eiichiro Oda are here!
  • The 5th Booster Pack, featuring the Skypiea Arc and the Revolutionary Army!
    Highly anticipated characters including Enel, Sabo, and Koala make their appearance!
    Build decks with new themes, such as a blue Animal Kingdom Pirates deck or a purple Straw Hat Crew deck!
  • Combine with ST-10 to build a powerful deck!

    Make an imposing deck by combining this Booster Pack with the ULTRA DECK -The Three Captains- and go toe-to-toe with any opponent!

    Total : 126+1 card types Rarity:
    • Leader: x6
    • Common: x45
    • Uncommon: x30
    • Rare: x26
    • Super Rare: x10
    • Secret Rare: x2
    • Special Card: x6
    • DON!! Card x1
    • 1st Anniv. Special x1

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